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Euchre Baron for Windows 1.0.0

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Euchre Baron for Windows
Euchre Baron combines powerful computer players with the options you need to play euchre the way you want. Euchre Baron includes all 498,688,594,500,096 euchre deals. Play to 10, 11, or 15. Optional "stick the dealer". Option for whether dealer's partner may order up (Canadian rule). Optional rules for needing trump to make trump. Choose among many optional agreements with your partner about when to make trump or not, and when to lead trump or not. Take back your calls and plays. Get a hint at any time. Review the hands for the previous deal. Euchre Baron is different from other euchre software. We developed Euchre Baron to compute decisions primarily by artificial-intelligence search: projecting the hypothetical result of playing out the deal. To decide whether to make trump or pass, what card to discard as dealer, or what card to play to a trick, Euchre Baron imagines possible hands for the other players, based on its hand and the actions by all players so far. Based on these hands, it constructs dozens of possible complete deals. Then, for each of these deals, the program projects the hypothetical score for playing out the deal, depending on what decision it makes. The program then makes the decision that leads to the best score on these dozens of deals. Stephen Joseph Smith, developer of the Euchre Baron artificial intelligence, received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 1997, specializing in artificial intelligence for card games. Euchre Baron was designed by Great Game Products, publisher of card-game software for over twenty years, including Bridge Baron, our popular software for the card game bridge. George Yanakiev, principal developer of the user interface, and the other Euchre Baron developers brought their expertise to the Euchre Baron project after honing their skills through their years of experience at Great Game Products. Euchre Baron was developed in consultation with Joe Andrews, author of The Complete Win at Euchre.
Euchre Baron for Windows
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Author: Great Game Products, Inc.
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
File Size: 7.1 MB
Downloads: 31

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